It’s a common question for hamster owners to ask: Can hamsters eat cookies? The answer isn’t as straightforward as it depends on the type of hamster you have. If you have a Syrian hamster, then the answer would be no, as they’re not naturally able to eat chocolate as they lack a certain enzyme in their saliva that breaks down the chemical compounds found in cocoa beans.

Can Hamsters Eat Cookies?

No, hamsters can’t be given cookies to eat. The reason is that hamsters can’t eat high-sugar or caffeine foods. The foods that hamsters need are sunflower seeds, fruit, and vegetables (like carrots).

Most cookies contain an excessive amount of sugar and caffeine, which shouldn’t be consumed by a hamster.

If you want your hamster to stay healthy, then it’s defiantly recommended that owners don’t feed this type of food to their hamster! These types of food can also lead to their lifespan shortening and can make them feel sluggish.

Do Cookies Have Any Nutrients For Hamsters?

The answer to this question is relative no, typically, cookies offer zero nutritional value.

Another reason why hamsters shouldn’t be given a cookie is because of the ingredients in cookies, which include eggs and gluten-based sugars. A good healthy hamster diet is made up of seeds and other small vegetables like carrots, cabbage, green peppers, and perhaps the occasional apple slice.

Why Hamsters Should Avoid Cookies With Chocolate

Many owners have reported that their hamsters can’t eat chocolate cookies as their hamster was allergic to chocolate. It’s important to note that hamsters should avoid all kinds of chocolate (including cocoa) as it could be fatal for them.

A hamster cannot digest the high amounts of sugar in a cookie and potentially get very sick from eating one.

Plus, the high-fat content in some commercial cookies could lead to obesity, which could shorten their lifespan by up to two years!

Because of these reasons, you want your hamster to have fresh vegetables rather than processed foods like cookies! Although these healthier options may not seem as good to us humans, they’re a lot better for the hamster.

My Hamster Ate Some Cookie; What Should I Do?

If your hamster has eaten some cookie crumbs, it shouldn’t be a problem. Although if the cookie has a high amount of sugary filling will be very unhealthy for the hamster. It’s best to make sure that your hamster won’t get access to sugary treats such as cookies and candies.

Hamsters can have a hard time digesting cookies as they have small intestines that cannot break down the sugar in cookies. Plus, cookies with a high amount of sugar could cause tooth decay or obesity if their owner makes a habit of giving them bits of a cookie.

Instead, a hamster should always be given safe treats like sunflower seed and broad beans which are far healthier treats for them!

What About Other Hamster Breeds?

Although this article is with the Syrian hamster in mind, it’s best to use the same precautions for other types of hamster breeds, such as Chinese or Russian Hamsters.


Wrapping up, you should not feed your hamster cookies. It’s not safe for it and could affect their lifespan and contribute to obesity. However, if your hamster has accidentally eaten a few cookie crumbs, then you shouldn’t worry too much about it, as hamsters usually have an insatiable appetite. Just make sure you’re feeding your hamster lots of healthy foods.