Can Rabbits Eat Cavolo Nero?

Can rabbits eat cavolo nero? Yes, they can! Giving your rabbit some cavolo nero cabbage as part of a healthy, balanced diet is a great idea. Although not every rabbit may enjoy cavolo nero cabbage as much as others. So, if you’re introducing cavolo nero to your rabbit for the first time, you should introduce it a little at a time.

Is Cavolo Nero Safe For Rabbits?

We all know how much rabbits love their veggies. But if you’re a rabbit owner, you’ve probably heard that there are a few vegetables that are healthier for rabbits compared to other vegetables. As mentioned earlier, however, cavolo nero cabbage is good for rabbits! So, if you were wondering, yes, you can feed your rabbits some cavolo nero cabbage.

However, before you start stuffing your rabbit with cavolo nero, you need to start by giving them a little to start with. The reason is that rabbits rely on bacteria in their guts to digest their food. So, whenever a new food is introduced, the bacterial population has to gradually adjust.

Significant dietary changes, in a short period of time, often cause stomach upsets in rabbits.

After you’ve first introduced some cavolo nero cabbage to your rabbit, make sure that your rabbit has cavolo nero every so often, because once it’s been introduced will mean their gut remains able to digest it.

Let’s take a closer look at cavolo nero cabbage and how it can be given to rabbits in more detail.

What Is Cavolo Nero?

Cavolo nero is a loose-leafed cabbage that originates from Tuscany, Italy. It’s easy to identify as the leaves are a very dark green, almost black, hence its name, which translates as ‘black cabbage’. Cavolo nero has a pleasantly tangy, bitter flavour, with a sweet aftertaste.

Why Cabbage In General Is Good For Rabbits

Rabbits are natural herbivores, meaning that they eat plants. A rabbit’s diet is made up of grasses, leaves, tree bark, and even roots. They’re known to eat vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, as well as different types of grains, seeds, and nuts.

Do Rabbits Like Cavolo Nero Cabbage?

Rabbits aren’t known for being the pickiest of eaters. They eat nearly pretty much anything you place in front of them. While they thrive on hay, most rabbits enjoy eating different types of cabbage, such as cavolo nero. Again, you’ll need to regulate how much they eat by offering them a small quantity to start with.

Is Cavolo Nero Cabbage Bad For Rabbits?

Some rabbits that try cavolo nero cabbage end up with diarrhea or loose stools. This is due to cavolo nero cabbage causing gas and bloating in the rabbit’s digestive system.

This usually happens due to feeding too much cavolo nero cabbage too soon. It could also mean that a rabbit’s body simply doesn’t get along with cavolo nero cabbage.

If your rabbit has diarrhea after eating cavolo nero cabbage, you should eliminate it from its diet until the symptoms disappear.

After a while, you can try reintroducing it again, starting with a smaller quantity. Although, in some cases, however, it may be best to move on to something else instead.

Is Cavolo Nero Cabbage Good For Rabbits?

Cavolo nero cabbage is healthy for rabbits! Dark green varieties of cabbage like cavolo nero contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

Cabbages that are darker provide a rich source of vitamin B6, which helps rabbits break down proteins it eats and build new proteins, and is important for normal muscle function.

Health Benefits Of Cavolo Nero Cabbage For Rabbits
Cavolo nero cabbage contains calcium — important for rabbits that need to constantly regenerate their teeth. It also contains loads of potassium, which plays a vital role in the nervous system.

It also gives a good source of vitamin K. Although most pet rabbits don’t need extra vitamin K in their diet under normal conditions, it’s important for a healthy pregnancy and often recommended by vets for breeding sows.

Cavolo nero cabbage also contains smaller quantities of magnesium, fiber, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamin E, all of which form part of healthy rabbit nutrition.

How Often Should You Give Your Rabbit Cavolo Nero?

While cavolo nero cabbage is healthy for rabbits, they should get the bulk of their nutrition from rabbit hay.

Fresh vegetables and wild plants provide rabbits with a valuable source of nutrients, however, they’re not dense enough in calories or fiber to sustain a rabbit on their own. Therefore, you should avoid giving your rabbit more than a handful of cavolo nero cabbage at the expense of eating enough hay.

An adult rabbit needs an unlimited amount of grass hays and only a small portion of pellets. With regard to vegetables like cavolo nero cabbage, you should feed two to four cups of at least three different vegetables for every 6 lbs of weight.

It’s also best to feed cavolo nero cabbage in particular, no more than four days per week, and therefore shouldn’t be fed every day. This automatically reduces the chance of gas or bloating for your rabbit.


I think we’ve answered the question — can rabbits eat cavolo nero cabbage — with a resounding yes!

Leafy green vegetables like cavolo nero cabbage should be a daily part of your rabbit’s diet.

When introducing cavolo nero cabbage, make sure you start off by feeding it in small quantities at first if your rabbit hasn’t tried it before.

Cabbage in general is best for your rabbit when you include it as part of a varied diet. So, make sure to offer cavolo nero cabbage to your rabbit alongside other fresh vegetables, and avoid relying on it as their only source of fresh vegetables.

If you notice your rabbit experiencing any bloating or diarrhea after initially giving them some cavolo nero cabbage, withdraw it immediately. Don’t offer it to them again until your rabbit has fully recovered.