Gem lettuce is a smaller version of romaine lettuce and is commonly used in various salads. Although many people enjoy having little gem lettuce in their meals due to its sweet and buttery taste, but can rabbits eat gem lettuce? Is it even safe for them? Just like any other new food that you want to introduce to your rabbit’s diet, you have to do a little research before including it in their diet.

In this article, we’ll cover if this little veggie is good for your rabbit, some of its health benefits, nutrition facts, risks, serving size and frequency, along with some other quick facts!

Can Rabbits Eat Gem Lettuce?

In short, yes, little gem lettuce is good for rabbits. It has the right nutrients needed for their bodies. This type of lettuce is safe, although it needs to be served in moderation.

Here’re a few of the health benefits of little gem lettuce:

Healthy Weight
This lettuce is not very caloric and isn’t fattening. So, if a rabbit eats it often, you won’t need to be worried about your rabbit’s weight.

Cardiovascular Health
Little gem lettuce is low in fat. This is good as fatty food are very unhealthy and can affect the cardiovascular system. Fatty foods can cause the blood vessels can be clogged when too much fat is consumed, so reducing the fat keeps the heart and blood vessels healthy.

Strong And Relieved Muscles
Due to the potassium in gem lettuce, a rabbit will get enough potassium for its daily needs. This mineral helps to relieve any aching body muscles and strengthens the heart muscles, too.

Gem lettuce is a good plant source of carbs and proteins, which helps to warm up the body and give it energy.

Little gem lettuce also has some vitamin A, which is an antioxidant. This vitamin helps to form strong bone tissues and keeps the immunity in great health.

Nutrition Facts Of Gem Lettuce

In a serving of 100 g of gem lettuce, here are some of its nutrients:

  • Low in Calories – meaning it’s a light meal that won’t make your rabbit chubby.
  • Low in Fat – 0.6 g of fat. Too much fat damages the cardiovascular system and also causes obesity.
  • Potassium – 247 mg. The potassium helps to relieve the muscles while keeping the heart muscles in great shape too.
  • Vitamin A – 174% of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps with the formation of bones and teeth. It also creates soft tissues and white blood cells. Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant that aids with good overall immunity.

How Often Can Rabbits Eat Gem Lettuce?

Gem lettuce contains some calcium, so it’s not recommended to feed your rabbit daily and in large amounts. If you want your rabbit to eat this daily, then serve this lettuce in very small amounts. Otherwise, a handful is a normal serving a few times per week would be enough.

Remember that your rabbit needs a balanced diet, so you should also consider switching between salads. Always have a good variety of veggies available to mix up the diet routine of your rabbit.

What Other Lettuce Types Can Rabbits Eat?

It’s good that there are varieties of lettuce that you can include in your rabbit’s diet. Some include arugula, beet tops, chard, radicchio, cilantro, red leaf lettuce, butterhead, green leaf, or romaine lettuce.

On the other hand, some lettuce types, like iceberg lettuce, are hazardous to feed your rabbit. The reason being is that it’s just water, with no more than a few nutrients, and can cause diarrhea or other health problems.