If you’ve got a hamster and you’re wondering if you can feed them Brazil nuts, then you’re not alone as it’s a common question, that a lot of hamster owners have.

Turns out hamsters can eat many things that we humans can eat. However, as you may already be aware, they can’t eat everything that we can eat.

Can Hamsters Eat Brazil Nuts?

The short answer is, yes, hamsters can eat Brazil nuts. It’s safe for them, although they need to be unsalted Brazil nuts. They can be baked or not and can be given with the shell as well.

As long as there’re no seasonings or extra oils on the Brazil nut. It’s important to note that Brazil nuts have a high-fat content, so be aware that too many Brazil nuts can make a hamster overweight.

Too many Brazil nuts may even lead to severe health issues and is best avoided.

But a Brazil nut every now and then, like once a week is fine.

Do Hamsters Eat Brazil Nuts In The Wild?

Brazil nuts are okay, the main reason being that in the wild hamsters eat lots of seed and nut types in the wild. When foraging for food, hamsters end up with lots of grains, seeds, and some roots to munch on.

In the wild, the majority of their diet consists entirely of dried grains and seeds, which keep well over cold periods.

Nuts And Seeds That Hamsters Shouldn’t Eat
Some nuts and seeds aren’t safe for hamsters, as they can be dangerous. Even for humans they can be considered a hazard, and shouldn’t be eaten often or in large amounts. These include:

  • Almonds
  • This includes any kind of fruit seed (apple, grape, peach, plum)
  • This doesn’t mean the fruit itself isn’t edible. Hamsters love to munch on small bits of apple or a bit of grape flesh

When it comes to seeds in the fruit, then seeds should generally be avoided and should be removed before giving any type of fruit to your hamster.


I hope that this article has answered the question regarding hamsters and Brazil nuts. Although hamsters love nothing more than to munch on anything they can find, sometimes you need to be careful what you give them. Brazil nuts are fine to give to your hamster, as long as they’re plain, and are in small amounts and not often.