As we all love our guinea pigs, this means that we have to ensure that our guinea pigs need to stay healthy, and a huge part of that is finding out what kind of food they can eat. This research has to be done, or you could end up feeding your guinea pig something that it’s potentially toxic or unhealthy for them. With that in mind, can guinea pigs eat Cheetos? In short no. Cheetos are only meant for humans, so your guinea pig shouldn’t eat them!

This article will cover the reasons why guinea pigs can’t eat them, and suggestions for what they can eat instead! Enjoy!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cheetos?

As mentioned above. Cheetos can be dangerous for guinea pig, if fed in large amounts, Cheetos that are fed in small amounts won’t offer any benefits to a guinea pig. These snacks don’t contain the nutrients that guinea pigs need, and they take up space in your guinea pigs’ stomach that could be filled with something a lot healthier for them!

Why Can’t Guinea Pigs Eat Cheetos?

So, we know that guinea pigs can’t eat this cheesy snack, but why? There’re four main reasons for this: they aren’t made for guinea pigs, they’re too salty, it lacks nutrition and the fact that they are very full of fat. These four reasons mean that your guinea pig can’t eat Cheetos, read below for more information!

They’re not meant for guinea pigs!
Cheetos, obviously, aren’t meant for guinea pigs! They’re made for human consumption, meaning that the tests for their safety can only be applied to humans, therefore the safety of this product isn’t guaranteed for small pets. The chemicals, and other additions, added to Cheetos can be harmful to your guinea pig; regardless if we can eat them! This means that you shouldn’t give them as a treat, and focus on natural treats that are probably safer for your guinea pig.

High Salt
28 grams of Cheetos contain 250 mg of salt, which is a huge amount for your guinea pig! While humans can digest and process this salt, guinea pigs don’t have this digestive capacity. This means that salt can be extremely dangerous for a guinea pig, regardless of the quantity. Therefore, you need to keep Cheetos away from your guinea pig!

Zero Nutrition
Guinea pigs need a diet that’s high in nutrition, nutrition that helps to replicate their living conditions in the wild. Cheetos don’t contain any nutrition at all, that’s why they’re considered a snack for us humans. This means that your guinea pig should avoid them as it will fill them up with food that won’t benefit their health. Nutritional problems in guinea pigs can lead to a lower lifespan and the likeliness of developing serious illnesses.

High Fat
Cheetos lots of fat! They contain around 10 grams of fat per 28g serving, which is a huge amount! Fat can cause a guinea pig to become obese, and this can lower its overall lifespan. An obese guinea pig won’t have a healthy or happy life. Another reason why you need to keep your guinea pig away from this cheese snack.

Better Alternatives
Guinea pigs can only eat so much, and Cheetos would take up space that could be taken up by delicious snacks in your guinea pigs’ stomach! Rather than feeding them Cheetos, feed your guinea pig some of the treats suggested below. This will also help keep good health.

What Should Guinea Pigs Eat Instead?

As guinea pigs can’t eat Cheetos, they will still enjoy some lovely treats that you can give them! Natural foods are generally best for guinea pigs, as most artificial foods are mostly made for humans and therefore their safety with guinea pigs hasn’t been tested. Some delicious treats that you can give your guinea pig include:

  • Zucchini
  • Sweet Potato
  • Peas
  • Cucumber
  • Oranges – guinea pigs need lots of vitamin C in their diets
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries


In this article, we have discussed if guinea pigs can eat Cheetos, and discovered that they can’t! Cheetos aren’t healthy for guinea pigs and can cause all kinds of long-term problems if they are fed too many. Cheetos are simply too fatty, salty, lack nutrients, and aren’t meant for guinea pig consumption! Instead give your guinea pig some walnuts, or sunflower seeds, instead! If your guinea pig does happen to munch on some Cheetos, don’t panic, and just keep an eye on them for a few days, if you notice anything different, take them to a vet.