Blackberries have been a very popular berry fruit for us, humans, as it has such a juicy texture, along with rich vitamins and minerals that are great for our overall health. But what about your chinchilla, can they safely eat them?

Can Chinchillas Eat Blackberries?

In short, yes! Chinchillas can eat blackberries. In fact, giving your chinchilla blackberries is a good thing, but it’s important to note that blackberries should only be given to your chinchilla as a treat, no more than once a week. Therefore, giving your chinchilla a blackberry once a week is a healthy way to add to their diet.

Why Can’t My chinchilla Eat Blackberries More Often?

You should only feed blackberries to your chinchilla in small amounts, which will ensure that they are getting enough of their proper diet first.

How Many Blackberries Should You Give Your Chinchilla?

Blackberries should only ever be given to your chinchilla in small amounts. There’s nothing wrong with giving your chinchilla one blackberry every week.

Do Chinchillas Enjoy Blackberries?

If your little chinchilla is eating a blackberry for the first time, and to know whether they’re comfortable consuming it, make sure that your chinchilla is drinking an ample amount of water. Make sure to never overfeed your chinchilla, as overfeeding can lead to digestive upsets.

What Should Chinchillas Eat?

As herbivores, chinchillas mostly eat roughage. chinchillas are known as having sensitive digestive systems, so feeding the right food is vital for their overall health. Fresh hay should always be available to a chinchilla, along with high-quality chinchilla food. Chinchillas need a high-fibre diet and only need around 1 to 2 tablespoons of pellet food daily. Chinchillas also enjoy munching on some kale, celery, and alfalfa every now and again. The majority of their diet should consist of mostly hay and grass made explicitly for chinchillas. The reason for this is that grass/hay is good for your chinchilla’s teeth, as their teeth continually grows throughout their lifetime. If you’re curious about your chinchilla’s diet, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian.

Can Chinchillas Eat Other Fruits?

In addition to the occasional blackberry, they can have strawberries, apples, pears, and bananas. Fruits like apples should be diced up in small amounts and given maybe once a week. While apples have little calcium, they’re quite high in sugar, so you should always limit fruits to be an occasional treat.


So, can chinchillas eat blackberries? Yes, they can, but only as an occasional treat. Blackberries should be given in the right quantity so as to ensure the health of your little friend.