Cat Sleeping Facing The Wall

Let’s face it, cats tend to sleep in some odd positions, and some of them can be quite entertaining! Whether your cat sleeps curled up on the couch or in bed with you, you may have noticed a new sleeping position of your cat sleeping facing the wall, but what does it mean? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to explain as there can be quite a few reasons why your cat is laying towards or sleeping facing the wall. With that, let’s get into all the possible reasons why your cat is doing it.

Depression in cats is a real thing and its symptoms aren’t all that different from those in humans. A depressed cat can show withdrawal from activities it once loved and wilfully participated in.

If your cat is depressed, you’ll notice certain changes in its personality and overall daily activities.

Your cat suddenly facing the wall may be a sign that your cat is depressed.

As facing the wall is only one sign that a cat is depressed, you’ll want to look out for other signs of depression such as your cat being becoming disinterested in the things they once enjoyed or a loss of appetite which usually results in excessive weight loss.

If you notice signs of depression in your cat, then it’s best to contact a cat behaviorist, as therapy would go a long way to help your cat get better.

It Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered
One reason could be that the cat wants to avoid being bothered. Although this would be more likely if it doesn’t always sleep facing away from you and if it does it more when it wants to sleep. It could be the case that the cat is trying to get extra sleep during the day due to issues sleeping at night.

It Has Taken A Liking To That Spot
It could be as simple as the cat has taken a particular liking to sleeping or laying in a certain spot. This is more likely if your cat usually faces you when you sit in a certain spot, but less likely if it sleeps facing away from you even when you are in a different spot.

Head Pressing
Some owners can become worried when their cat starts to head press while sleeping. Is it normal behavior? Could it be a symptom of a serious health problem?

Some cats use head-pressing behavior while lying against or towards a surface like a wall to sleep to mark their territory. A common reason why cats do this is that they have scent glands on their cheeks and this head-rubbing behavior allows them to mark their territory. They may also rub and head press against your leg to show affection while at the same time marking you as their territory. This can also be commonly seen when a cat presses their heads against you as you pet them and may even head press against your forehead. A cat will usually close their eyes as they’re affectionately head pressing.

Knowing The Difference Between A Sign Of Illness Or Odd Behavior

If your cat is head pressing against a wall and you’re worried about whether or not your cat’s head pressing is normal or abnormal, consider the following. If your cat is still eating, drinking, being playful, and exhibiting normal behavior, then it’s unlikely that this is a sign to be concerned about.

If you see your cat doing it against a wall while lying and they’re still awake, and it appears that your cat doesn’t know what they are doing, then this may be an abnormal sign. It could be a possible medical problem if they press their head up against a wall or another firm surface with an unrelaxed or tense posture.

Other symptoms of medical problems that are associated with head pressing in cats may include:

  • Changes in learned behavior
  • They keep circling and walking in one direction
  • Compulsive repetitive behaviors
  • Decreased appetite
  • Changes in the eyes, such as unequal pupil sizes or inability to blink
  • Falling
  • Head tilt
  • Being uncoordinated or falling over when walking
  • Less engaged with family or with regular activities
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Restlessness or pacing
  • Seizures
  • Sleeping more
  • Stuporous behavior
  • Walking into objects
  • Weakness 


In short, not all cats are the same and there can be many reasons for a cat to sleep or lie facing a wall. It could be as simple as your cat hearing something in the wall of interest.

Something possible to keep in mind is that a cat that is comfortable sleeping with its back to you is the ultimate sign of trust.