Why Your Diamond Goby Is Jumping Out Of The Tank

Unbeknown to many, it’s not unusual to hear of a Diamond Goby jumping out of the tank. Of course, the biggest problem with this is if you’re not around, the Diamond Goby could quickly suffocate and die once they hit the ground. There have been a few aquarists that have lost a few Diamond Goby this way due to the tank’s conditions not being right.

The main reason why a Diamond Goby will try to jump out of a tank is because they use it as a defence mechanism against predators and poor conditions. A Diamond Goby will jump out of their tank if it doesn’t contain enough dissolved oxygen. They’ll also try to escape if there are too much ammonia and nitrites in the tank. Other causes include an insufficient sleep cycle, lack of space within the tank, parasites, diseases, and a lack of hiding spots.

How Do Diamond Gobys Jump Out Of The Tank?

Most fish can easily jump a few inches into the air. To do this, they’ll bend backwards over their tail, forming a C-shape. They can then flick themselves forward while at the same time paddling with their fins as quickly as they can.

Doing this creates an up and down wavelike motion throughout the Diamond Goby’s body, launching them through the water’s surface into a long arch, causing them to land outside the tank.

How High Can A Diamond Goby Jump?

If you’re wondering how high a Diamond Goby can jump, most can jump over 6 inches into the air – more than enough to jump out of the tank.

Similarly, a Diamond Goby can easily jump out of the smallest gaps around the tank. So, if your tank has gaps around the lid, then you should try to get it covered as Diamond Goby’s can easily squeeze through tiny gaps.

Why Did My Diamond Goby Jump Out Of The Tank?

It’s very common for Diamond Goby’s to jump out of the tank. However, when they decide to jump, they’re doing it with a purpose. In most cases, the Diamond Goby will leap out of their tank to get to a different body of water. There’re a few reasons why they’re doing this, although it’s almost always a sign of an aquarium issue.

To prevent a Diamond Goby from jumping, you may need to improve their conditions. First, you need to understand the reasons for their behavior, which include:

Poor Water Quality
Diamond Goby’s like all fish hate living in dirty water. Not just because it’s unpleasant, but because poor water quality also damages their health. For example, if your tank has elevated ammonia and nitrite levels, it can cause a Diamond Goby to leap out of it in search of a better home. Sadly, this is an act of desperation.

If your Diamond Goby has all of a sudden started to leap out of the tank, immediately check the water for ammonia and nitrite. If the find the levels are too high, you must quickly clean the water to save your Diamond Goby and any other fish in the tank. Common signs of ammonia in fish tanks include:

  • Foul odour
  • Fish gasping at the tank’s surface
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Red or cloudy eyes
  • Redness around the gills

The good news is that once you know that harmful ammonia’s in the tank, it’s easy to remove. However, the difficulty is acting quickly enough to prevent the fish in your tank from suffering long-term damage. It’s important to note that ammonia poisoning is impossible to cure, and side effects include:

  • Infections
  • Blindness
  • Recurring sores
  • Compromised immune system
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Torn fins

As you can see, a Diamond Goby would always prefer to take their chances out of the tank than suffer these symptoms.

Low Oxygen Levels
Your Diamond Goby could be jumping out of their tank if there’s a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. Although it can be difficult to tell when oxygen levels are low, it’s caused by:

  • Stress
  • Poor water quality
  • Lack of aeration
  • Too many fish
  • Algae buildup

As fish don’t have lungs, they need lots of dissolved oxygen to breathe within the water.

If they don’t have enough oxygen, they’ll leap out of the water to find a source of water with more dissolved oxygen, not realizing that this doesn’t exist. The signs of low oxygen levels include:

  • Gasping at the tank’s surface
  • Low energy, fish won’t move as much
  • uncoordinated swimming
  • Loss of appetite
  • Laboured breathing
  • Rapid gill movement

Fish, in general, will only jump out of the water in the most extreme circumstances, so you may need to add more dissolved oxygen into the tank to prevent your fish from suffocating or leaping out of the tank.

However, it’s important to know that it’s also possible to add too much oxygen to your tank, which could also be harmful to your fish’s health.

It Could Be Caused By A Poor Sleep Cycle
Scientists believe that most fish sleep in similar sleeping cycles to humans. Most fish species are diurnal, meaning they’re active throughout during the day and sleep at night.

When these conditions aren’t emulated in captivity, fish become restless and frustrated. Less sleep also causes them to become stressed, forcing them to leap out of their tank.

All tanks need a period of darkness, so it’s important to turn off the tank’s light(s) at night and keeping the tank illuminated during the day allows your fish to conserve their energy.

Lack Of Room
Fish need room not only to swim but also to grow. If they don’t, they can become ill and depressed. Fish can also develop several behavioral problems resulting from this environment. Fish that are in an overcrowded tank are at risk of:

  • Stunted growth
  • Aggressive tank mates
  • Stress
  • Ammonia poisoning
  • Reduced oxygen levels
  • Fatty liver disease

As these conditions aren’t conducive to a happy home, a Diamond Goby may attempt an escape by jumping out of their tank in search of somewhere better. Signs that your tank is too small include:

  • Lack of swimming space
  • Lose their appetite
  • Become depressed

The only way to prevent your Diamond Goby from making a getaway is to improve the conditions this may involve providing them with a larger, roomier tank. Doing this typically reduces stress levels in fish and makes them feel more comfortable.

Lack Of Hiding Spaces
Similar to a lack of room, Diamond Goby’s need to swim in and out of live rock as it’s something that they do in the wild. It’s normal for a Diamond Goby to hide from larger, dominant fish, protecting themselves from danger.

Without enough hiding spaces, some fish can feel threatened and vulnerable. This can result in them becoming stressed, which will make the fish physically unwell. As a result, they’ll try to jump out of the tank in an attempt to find somewhere better to live.

How To Stop A Diamond Goby From Jumping Out Of The Tank

As you won’t be around the tank all the time to put your Diamond Goby back in if they jump out, you’ll need to better prevent them from doing so.

As previously mentioned, if your Diamond Goby is jumping out of the tank, it’s likely because something in their environment isn’t right. As a result, they’re unhappy and uncomfortable. To prevent them from jumping out, follow these steps:

Cover The Top
The most common way to prevent fish from jumping out of their tank is to place a cover over it. While some already come with a hood, there are newer tanks that won’t. If your tank doesn’t have one, it’s worth investing in one to protect all your marine fish.

There are many types of covers, although glass lids are more durable and practical than other types of covers. Glass lids are also easier to clean and are more effective at preventing evaporation. However, plastic covers are also decent if you’re on a budget.