Ammo Lock is used for keeping any ammonia from harming your fish, both as an emergency ammonia detoxifier and as a regular additive. It’s important to monitor a tank’s ammonia levels as it can harm fish quickly. Ammo Lock is used for promoting healthy gill function and eliminating fish stress caused by ammonia in the water. It’s also used to detoxify chlorine and chloramine. Ammo Lock works by binding the ammonia molecule and converting it to a non-toxic form that can be removed with water changes or through filtration. Ammonia tests will still show the ammonia in the water although it will no longer do harm to the tank’s fish.

Why Ammo Lock Is Used:

  • To instantly detoxifies ammonia
  • Promotes healthy gill function
  • Reduces fish stress
  • Detoxifies chloramines and chlorine
  • An excellent additive when transporting fish

Can You Use Too Much Ammon Lock?

PH Levels
You need to be careful while using ammo lock as ammo lock is known to lower a tank’s PH level, therefore you need to be careful and know what your tank’s PH level is before using the product. After using ammo lock you should continue to monitor your tank’s PH level.

As ammo lock reduces the oxygen in the tank, overdosing on ammo lock can actually suffocate displaying much the same symptoms as ammonia.

How Often Should I Use Ammo Lock?

Continue to use ammo-Lock every 2 days until you can no longer detect ammonia in the tank. If after 7 days, the ammonia is still present within the tank, try performing a partial water change, service your biological filter and reduce feeding.

How Long Does It Take For Ammonia Spikes To Go Down?

The process can take anywhere up to 6 weeks. If the temperature of the tank is below 70F, it can take even longer to cycle a tank.