Wouldn’t it be great if your Doberman could just let itself out? Well, with a dog door, they can. Getting a large dog door will give your Doberman control over when they need to relieve themselves while keeping out drafts, pests, and the harsh weather. Installing a large dog door for your Doberman can even make them happier.

Doggy doors are also great for keeping your Doberman mentally stimulated, as it gives them a chance to go outside and play, even when their owners are busy.

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Door For Your Doberman?

When you’re shopping for a doggy door for your Doberman, there are a few factors to keep in mind, including:

Of course, your Doberman should be able to comfortably fit through the door without worrying about getting stuck or having to squeeze through.

Before picking a door, it’s recommended to measure your dog’s height and make sure that it will easily fit through this door.

Fortunately, most dog door companies have measurements to help people pick the correct door for their dogs. Although you’ll want to make sure that there’s at least 3-inches extra room on the height and 2 to 3 extra inches in the width so that your Doberman can get through, even when they’re moving quickly.

Doggy doors don’t always have to be on the doors of the house; however, you’ll need to keep ease of installation in mind. While the most common version of dog doors attaches to a door, there are other options that enable for use on walls too. This is good, as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities, although it can also complicate the installation process.

So, if you’re not too comfortable using tools, you may want to choose a location for your door that can be installed easier and quicker while using minimal tools. For example, a dog door that can be placed on sliding glass doors is sometimes the easiest to install.

It’s important to remember that if your dog can go out, then other creatures could come in the door too. So, it’s best to get a doggy door that comes with special security features, like having the ability to lock.

Animals like raccoons and other wild animals have been known to enter these types of doors.

If this is something that concerns you, then you can get a door that comes with smart technology that only recognizes your dog and therefore will only let them in and out — and no one else. This can be done as the smart dog can recognize its microchip or a compatible smart collar.

Types And Materials
Other factors to consider are the number of different types of dog doors, which may or may not be appropriate for your house or for your budget. In general, there’re 3 types:

Flag pet doors are doggy doors that have more of a traditional appearance. These can be easy for your Doberman to use and can even be used on interior doors to your home.

Metal or hard plastic doors, which usually have a locking feature to keep your dog in and critters out.

The third type is electronic doors. These are the ones that will open and close automatically when they sense your dog’s chip, although these doors are usually the priciest.

If you live in a part of the world that has a colder climate, then you might want to look for a dog door that won’t let in as much outside air.

Insulation is an important factor, however, it’s often an overlooked feature. A lot of dog doors have a double flap that can help reduce airflow, so if you live in an especially cold or hot area, then this type of door may be well worth it.

PetSafe Extreme Weather Aluminum Dog

PetSafe’s Aluminum Dog Door features a strong aluminium frame that’s less likely to fall apart over time, and a snap-on closing panel allows for that you can easily put it on when you don’t want your Doberman going out. This dog door from PetSafe is designed to be easily installed.

Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

This dog door has two soft vinyl flaps and is designed to create an air pocket to trap and keep the cold air out of your house and the hot air in. Each flap has a magnetic closure that’s used to keep it in place, while still being easy enough for your Doberman to control. The frame is made of an energy-efficient structural foam plastic.