The Maine Coon cat breed is a beautiful and wonderful animal to have in your life. These cats make brilliant companions for anyone. Whether you live on your own, live among an active family, or live with other pets, the Maine Coon is a great breed to own.


Maine Coon History

This cat breed is rather special, as it’s one of the oldest natural cat breeds in the U.S. The Maine Coon is regarded as native to the state of Maine.

The Maine Coon cat breed results from natural evolution and can survive tough climate conditions with little help from humans

There are a number of legends linked to this cat breed. Although biologically impossible, legend has it that the Maine Coon originated from the mating between domestic cats and raccoons. The more commonly brown color bolstered this legend found in these cats, which can give of roughly the same color as a tabby-like raccoon. This common association with a raccoon has helped with the naming of the breed.


The Maine Coon can come in lots of colors and patterns. One of the most common colors that can be seen on Maine Coons is a particolored tabby brown.

Maine coon personality

The gentle giant is a common reference made to the Maine Coon cat breed because of its gentle nature. This cat is sociable and enjoys human company.

As previously mentioned, the Main Coon is an active breed and remains playful throughout its life, which is great for livelier households.


Grooming – As a kitten, their coat tends to be shorter and thinner. An adult Maine Coon has a double-layered coat, which is shorter around their shoulders and longer around their belly. Depending on the cat’s ancestorial genes, the cat could have a cotton-like, high-maintenance coat, which would require more grooming. Other cats have a silkier coat, which doesn’t need as much grooming.

Maine Coons loves affection and attention which will make grooming the cat a better experience for you and the cat. It is recommended to trim a Maine Coon kitten’s nails on a weekly basis. While an adult Maine Coon, nails can be trimmed every other week.

Nutrition – As with any other cat breed the Maine Coon needs good nutrients and protein. A recommended diet would comprise food that is rich, with a high amount of protein and low carbohydrates. If this diet is used, then the cat should only need around 2/3 of a cup daily.

It is important for a cat to always have access to fresh, clean water so they shouldn’t hesitate to drink it.


As Maine Coons are a larger breed, they can be prone to joint disorders. Owners of Maine Coon cats may sometimes get their vet to test for feline hip dysplasia, and or luxating patella examining.

Maine Coon size

The Maine Coon breed develops slower than some other breeds, and therefore will not reach full size until they are 3-5 years of age. Mature Maine Coons can average a height of around 10-16 inches, while they can reach a length of up to 38 inches.

Maine coon weight

This cat is broad-chested with a rectangular-like body, with a bone structure that is built for surviving in the harsh wild. Mature males can weigh around 13-18 pounds. Females rarely reach the same weight as males and can weigh around 7-11 pounds.

Maine Coon lifespan

Maine Coons are a strong, hardy, and healthy cat breed, which lives for an average age of 12.5 years

Fun facts

Rather than a meow, the Maine Coon cat breed will often make a trill or chirp noise to communicate. Cats will often make a chirp noise when they’ve spotted prey while making a trill noise when they are happy and content.

The Maine Coon cat breed will enjoy the water more than most other breeds! Normally cats will stay clear of a bathtub, a Maine Coon is more likely to be content in the bath.

Their water-resistant fur allows them to be better swimmers than the average cat breed.